Title :Monster Buster Club (Season I & II)
Genre :Action / Comedy / Adventure
Format :52 episodes X 26 minutes
Target :6-9 years
Style :Animation 3D
Deliverables :Betacam Digital
Production :2007, 2008, 2009 (100% Canadian Content)
Broadcaster(s) :Canada: YTV/Radio-Canada USA: Toon Disney Europe: Jetix Europe, TF1
Distributor :ICC (Canada)
Author(s) :Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel
Producers(s) :Marathon (France)/Image Entertainment (Canada)
Director(s) :Jean-Louis Vandestoc
Synopsis :

Who says aliens don’t exist

Monster Buster Club is a CGI action-comedy series, which follows the adventures of four 10 year-olds. They are the only ones who are aware that their town is being threatened by an alien invasion! Thanks to a network of underground tunnels and very cool gadgets, the members of MBC carry out their roles as undercover town protectors whilst tackling the tribulations of their everyday lives. Juggling school and secret monster-busting missions can be tough... especially when your bio teacher turns out to be an alien, or battling a giant mutant frog gets in the way of your homework!