Title :Team Galaxy (Seasons I & II)
Genre :Action / Comedy / Adventure
Format :52 episodes X 26 minutes
Target :6-9 years
Style :Animation 2D
Deliverables :Betacam Digital
Production :2006, 2007 (100% Canadian Content)
Broadcaster(s) :Canada: YTV/VRAK.TV USA: Cartoon Network Europe: Jetix Europe, France 3, RAI
Distributor :ICC (Canada)
Author(s) :Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel
Producers(s) :Marathon (France)/Image Entertainment (Canada)
Director(s) :St├ęphane Berry
Synopsis :

What happens when three outrageous teenagers are thrown into the most eye-popping space adventures? TEAM GALAXY tells the story of 3 friends: Josh, Yoko and Brett. Together, they have been chosen to attend Galaxy High, the coolest high school on earth, where they are trained to become space marshals.

Throughout their adventures, the heroes of TEAM GALAXY will have to multi-task between the tribulations of their teen lives and cool space adventures where they will face the craziest alien villains ever seen.