Title :Totally Spies (Seasons III, IV & V)
Genre :Action / Comedy / Adventure
Format :78 episodes X 26 minutes (episodes 53 à 130)
Target :8-12 years
Style :Animation 2D
Deliverables :Betacam Digital
Production :2004, 2005, 2007 (100% Canadian Content)
Broadcaster(s) :Canada: Télétoon USA: Cartoon Network Europe: TF1/Fox Family Channel/Fox Kids Europe
Distributor :ICC (Canada)
Author(s) :Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel
Producers(s) :Marathon (France)/Image Entertainment (Canada)
Director(s) :Stéphane Berry
Synopsis :

What happens when three typical Beverly Hills girls get catapulted headfirst into the dangerous world of international espionage ? Sam, Alex and clover definitely get a cash course in « TOTALLY SPIES ! » It all started when the three best friends decide to room together in their Beverly Hills ‘dream house’. Life couldn’t get cooler than this, until they discover they’ve unwittingly made their home right above the Underground Secret Services Center for operations on the West Coast. Not so cool. To prevent a catastrophic security leak (i.e. the three girls telling all their friends in town about their unbelievable discovery) ; The Venter Chief, Jerry, has no choice but to take on Sam, Alex and Clover as special agents. To the outside world, Sam, Alex and Clover are still normal high school girls. Sort of. They’re actually on permanent call to the center, who can (and does) regularly hijack their day-to-day and send them to all corners of the world on top-secret missions.