Title :Martin Mystery (Season I, II & III)
Genre :Action / Comedy / Adventure
Format :66 episodes X 26 minutes
Target :8-12 years
Style :2D Animation (ou 3D Animation)
Deliverables :Betacam Digital
Production :(100% Canadian Content)
Status :Production completed
Distributor :ICC (Canada)
Author(s) :Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, David Michel, based on the comic book bt Alfredo Castelli
Director(s) :Stéphane Berry
Synopsis :

Based on the Italian comic strip MARTIN MYSTERY, the 66 episodes of Martin Mystery offer an avalanche of adventures and thunderous humour, on a base of the most gooey of substances. The heroes are Martin and Diana, two mismatched teenagers with hilariously opposite personalities. Their mission is to investigate de weirdest paranormal enigmas and the slimiest creatures from beyond. Commissioned by « The Center » - an undercover bureau specializing in mysterious phenomena - and with the help of Java, a massive caveman lost in time, they leap from their average school duties to eerie slime-dripping caves and worrisome lairs.